Melhores de 2010: Canção

Little one
Little love
Little hands
Look how they hold the world
Stay a while
Little Smile
Little eyes
Soon they will know the world

But theres no rush in getting older
No use in wishing to be young
Live every part of it
Your at the heart of it
Little one

Little one
Where’d you go
Once so small
Look at the way you’ve grown
Dress up dolls
Playing house
Those day have gone
Now you’ve got a house of your own

Vencedor:Little One” – Lucy Schwartz (“Destinos Ligados“)

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Em 2007:  “That’s How You Know” (“Encantada”)

Sobre Alex Gonçalves
Editor do Cine Resenhas desde 2007, Alex Gonçalves é estudante de Jornalismo e viciado em música, fotografia, leitura e escrita. Mais informações na página "Sobre".

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